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Ways you can Help!
What You Can Do To Make A Difference

As you already know, it is our mission to save the lives of homeless, abandoned, and neglected Westies, Scotties, Cairns and mixes, and to rehome them to the best suited home for their specific needs.   This is a huge task and we can't do it alone.  Without the help of wonderful supporters and community members, we couldn't do it.  We are aware that there are many, many folks that have a huge heart for the homeless pets in their community.  Yet, we realize that not everyone has the ability to bring one of those homeless pets home.

The good news is ... there are still many other ways that YOU can make a difference ... and it's not just about donating your hard earned money ... but we do need that too.  Below are quite a few suggestions that you can do for us..

Our Wish List for Supplies
Towels:  New or Used in good condition
Crate pads for bedding
Durable toys for chewing
Soft toys for puppies
Flea and Heartworm preventatives
Pee pads for housetraining puppies
Cleaning solutions in sprayers (like Mr. Clean or Lysol)
Monetary donation of any size.  No donation is too small.  You can make a donation using your Credit Card or directly debit your checking or savings account by using our secure, online PayPal account.  It's just a few mouse clicks away.  Just click on the Donate button, and it will link you directly to our PayPal account.

Or you can also mail us a check payable to Westie Rescue of Austin to the address shown below.

Monetary donations help us with purchasing the supplies needed to maintain a healthy quality of life for the rescued dogs in our care,  providing veterinarian care, vaccinations, heartworm testing, spaying/neutering prior to adoption, dental care (if needed), plus much more.  A few dollars donated can go a long way.
Donation of Gift Cards from Petsmart or Walmart are always appreciated.  This will help us to purchase much needed supplies.
Hold a Garage Sale or Yard Sale and donate part of the proceeds to our organization.
Auction through Ebay!  Do you have an Ebay account and useful things around the house that you just don't need any more?  Sell them on Ebay and select Westie Rescue of Austin as a beneficiary through Ebay/Mission Fish.org’s donation program and you can select a percentage of your proceeds to be donated directly to Westie Rescue -- they handle it all for you!
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If you would like to donate any of these items, and live within the area, please give us a call to make arrangements to drop them off to us.  Or you may also mail any of these items to our address shown below.
Donate Your Time
Become a Foster Parent for Westie Rescue of Austin. Click here to fill out an application. (In place of dogs name, fill in foster parent.)

What does it mean to be a Foster Parent?  Click Here to learn more.
Help out at our Adoption Day Events.
Contact us for other ways you can donate your time.
Our Address for Donations and/or Contributions:
Austin Westie Rescue
PO Box 2043
Pflugerville, Tx 78691
The biggest way you can help make a difference in the homeless pet population is to have your own pets spayed or neutered.

Health Benefits:

Female Dogs
Spaying removes the ovaries and uterus, so this eliminates the possibilities of ovarian and uterine infection or cancer. Bacterial infection of the uterus (pyometra) commonly afflicts older unspayed cats and dogs. In its advanced stages, pyometra causes general illness and kidney failure. If the uterus ruptures the animal will probably die. Pyometra requires emergency spaying, which may not save the animal. The best preventive care is to spay dogs and cats when they are young and healthy.

Spaying can also prevent mammary gland tumors, the most common tumor in unspayed female dogs and the third most common tumor in cats. They are more common in dogs than in humans. A high percentage of mammary tumors are cancerous: in dogs, nearly 50%; in cats, nearly 90%. Once a cancerous mammary tumor spreads to the bones or lungs, the cancer will be fatal. An unspayed dog is 200 times more likely to develop mammary tumors than a dog spayed before her first heat. An unspayed cat is 7 times more likely than a spayed cat to develop mammary tumors.

Spayed dogs and cats also avoid the dangers of giving birth. A narrow birth canal or inadequate body size can sometimes make giving birth perilous.
Male Dogs
Neutering removes the testicles, which prevents testicular tumors and greatly reduces the risk of developing rectal tumors. A dog who develops a testicular tumor must be treated before the tumor spreads -- the only effective means is neutering. Testicular tumors are especially prevalent in older dogs and are the second most common tumor in male dogs.

Enlargement of the prostate gland affects over 60% of unneutered male dogs older than five years. Prostatic enlargement predisposes a dog to prostate and urinary-tract infections, which can make urinating difficult and painful. If an infection leads to an abscess, the abscess must be surgically drained. Common consequences of the surgery include system wide infection and shock or sometimes death. Because prostatic enlargement is caused by the male hormone testosterone, and testosterone is produced by the testicles. Neutering acts as both a preventative measure and a cure.

Additionally, by eliminating the sexual drive that can cause a dog to bolt from the yard or house, neutering helps protect dogs from injuries associated with roaming, such as being hit by a car or infections transmitted by other animals.
Behavioral Benefits:
Spaying prevents irritability and aggressiveness that some dogs show while in heat. For indoor dogs, this also prevents vaginal blood spots from getting on household furniture or the carpet.

In many male dogs, neutering reduces or eliminates sexual mounting behavior and territorial marking with their urine (including any that might take place in the house.
Q1. Is spay/neuter surgery painful? Is it dangerous?
Answer: During spaying/neutering, dogs and cats are fully anesthetized, so they feel no pain. After surgery they may experience some discomfort, but this disappears in a few days or hours. As with any surgery complications are possible, but rare.

Q2. Is spay/neuter surgery expensive?
Answer: Spay/Neuter surgery generally costs less than most other major surgeries and some local veterinarians provide discounted sterilization to the public. It is generally cheaper to spay an animal than to pay for the costs of caring for an entire litter of puppies or kittens.

Q3. Shouldn't a female dog or cat have one litter, or at least one heat, before being spayed?
Answer: On the contrary, a dog or cat has the best chance of good health if spayed before her first heat. Early spaying also reduces the chance that the animal will "accidentally" escape and become pregnant. We do not recommend Spaying or Neutering Prior to 4 months of age.

Q4. Can a pregnant animal be safely spayed?
Answer: Many animals and cats are spayed while pregnant to prevent the birth of puppies or kittens. However, a veterinarian should be consulted about the health and stage of pregnancy before making such a decision.

Q5. Don't spayed/neutered animals become overweight and less affectionate?
Answer: In some dogs and cats appetite will increase, but if your pet is given the proper amount of food and adequate exercise, they are unlikely to become overweight. In addition, because they are freed from the urge to mate, dogs and cats tend to be calmer, more content, and more affectionate.

Q6. Why should a male dog or cat be neutered - they don't give birth to puppies or kittens?
Answer: Besides the health benefits received from neutering, a male dog or cat can impregnate many females in a short period of time, and often without the owner's knowledge. This greatly contributes to pet over-population.
Did You Know?
On average, for each pet adopted to a new home, 9 animals are euthanized because there are not enough homes for them.
Each day in the U.S., 70,000 puppies and kittens are born while only 10,000 humans are born. That's a 7 to 1 ratio.
Each year in the U.S., almost 15,000,000 dogs and cats are destroyed because there are not enough loving homes for them all.

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