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Successful Adoptions
Willie  (Formerly Peter)
March 2002
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Date of Birth: 3-14-2006
Adopted: July 2006
Duncan was a raffle prize.  Someone, either the breeder or first owner, donated this adorable little westie at the age of 4 months to be a raffle prize.  The winner had a choice of either Duncan or a blender.  She chose Duncan, but after one week, wished she had gotten the blender instead.  Duncan was such a terrior!

So she gave him away to a neighbor, who had two cairns, but the cairns could not put up with the antics of a 4 month old puppy either, and that woman had the good sense to contact Westie Rescue to find an appropriate home for this little white tornado.

Duncan came to Westie Rescue/Austin on July 9, 2006.  We took care of his de-worming and neutering, and he was eagerly adopted by a family in San Antonio who had had westies previously.  He is now enjoying the limelight in his new home
Adopted: 2006
In Feb. 2005, Sarah was a stray westie, unclaimed in a Houston, TX shelter.  Kathy of Houston Westie Rescue pulled her before she was scheduled to be put to sleep because she was a biter.  Sarah was a very difficult little westie, filled with the horrors only she knew in her previous life as a stray, and she took out her fears on everyone she encountered.  She was a tough case.  Sarah was more than Kathy wanted to deal with, so Barb of Westie Rescue/Austin agreed to take her and try to work with her.

When Sarah arrived in Austin, she would not let you approach her in her crate.  She was terrified and showed it by aggressively attacking for the slightest provocation.  But with time, consistent gentleness and patience, she began to accept that where she was she would be safe. 

At Christmastime a family wanted to try Sarah.  They had previously had a “difficult” female cairn and felt they could deal with Sarah’s fears and behaviors.  At first it was working well, and Sarah bonded with the husband and teenage son.  But Sarah would not bond with the wife, who tried to be gentle with her.  Finally, two months later, after a stand-off in the kitchen with Sarah, the family reluctantly agreed they had to return Sarah to our rescue program. 

Sarah came back into rescue.  She developed an aggressive dominant stance with the household female westie at Barb’s house, also an alpha female, and fights ensued.  That is how Sarah’s right ear became broken…..  Sarah was transferred to another foster home, with a more docile female westie, and the two became good friends.  Sarah’s new foster mom, Linda knew how to handle temperamental terriers, having lived in a family that raised cairns as she was growing up.
While in our foster care we had observed that Sarah preferred men, and would relate well to them when they came to visit.  We were soon contacted by a gentleman, Scott, who had had westies in the past and had recently lost his senior westie, so he was looking to adopt another one.  He met Sarah and fell in love with her.  Sarah went to him immediately.  We discussed her history as best we knew it, and Scott was willing to give Sarah a try. 

Sarah took awhile to settle in with Scott, but due to his patience and gentle loving care, Sarah soon accepted Scott’s friends and family.  Scott then approached us again for a male westie companion, and he adopted one of our boys.  Both westies got along great together, so Sarah now has her own home where she can be the happy westie girl she was always meant to be.  Sarah’s personality has mellowed out and it is as if she knows she is now “home”.
Adopted: September 2006
Danny Boy was sold at age 10 by his original owner/hobby breeder to another hobby breeder in spite of the fact that he was suffering with Idiopathic Pulmonary Disease.  He was then given to an all-breed rescuer in Mississippi along with 4 other no-longer-wanted westies, who found adoptive homes for all but Danny Boy.  So the rescuer put out a plea for help to area Westie Rescue contacts, and through a network of the Louisanna Westie Rescue and the Texas Westie Rescue groups, a transport was arranged to bring Danny Boy to the Austin group 8/14/2005.

Danny arrived wheezing and coughing, but in good spirits, always with a positive outlook on life.  We worked with several different medical treatments for his lung condition, and stabilized him for the most part, but it was apparent that he would not ever be adoptable, and the best we could do was keep him comfortable.

In July of 2006, we became aware of the Westie Lung Disease research programs underway at various vet schools, and offered to send DNA samples from Danny Boy if that would help.  After many email discussions and phone conversations it became apparent that Danny Boy would make an excellent training westie for Dr. Kurt Williams of the Michigan State Univ. program and his students who were studying IPD in westies, but had not had a chance to work with a living creature suffering from the disease.  So Danny was transported by air conditioned vehicle to Dr. Williams over the Labor Day weekend, 2006 and he is now very comfortably ensconced in his own suite at Dr. Williams facilities.  Dr. Williams has assured us that Danny will not lack for attention and loving care by his students.   In fact, the driver who took Danny to Michigan said Danny has really nice digs for a doggie!

Oh Danny Boy, we miss you, but we know you are being cared for and will give many students a chance to learn more about your disease, and maybe help find a cure in your lifetime.
July 6, 2007
Little Miss Clover was released from a puppy mill breeder in Missouri allegedly because she had a “slight” heart murmur and the breeder did not want to sell her, so she was offered to Rescue and Westie Rescue/Austin offered to take her.  Clover was born March 18, 2007.  When she arrived in TX, the “slight” heart murmur was very pronounced and a cardiologist was consulted. 

After the sonogram showed an enlarged heart due to the failure of the patent duct to close at birth, it was determined that Clover had a very serious PDA defect that needed to be repaired or she would not live to see her first birthday.  She was put on lasix (a diuretic) for the latent congestive heart failure that was developing, and scheduled for surgery on July 3, 2007.  At 3 and ½ months old Clover had open heart surgery.  Her surgeon, Dr. Caplan, felt Clover had an excellent chance at full recovery and should live a full and active normal lifespan for the spunky little westie that she is.

We brought Clover home to her foster mom on July 5th, a subdued and quiet little westie.  She had been gaining weight this past month and is now at 7.2 pounds.   She will need two weeks of quiet recovery before getting her stitches out of her side, and allowed to play again with her foster sister.  But we know she will pull through.  Clover was wagging her tail furiously when we went to pick her up and bring her home.  Clover will have follow up re-checks with the surgeon and with her cardiologist for the next 6 months before getting a clean bill of health, but both her doctors feel she will do fine.  Clover will be available for adoption after that.

We are deeply grateful for WestieMed’s assistance with her major medical bills, that have exceeded $2100. so far.  Without the support of WestieMed, Clover’s surgery might not have been able to take place.  Thank you for being there.
December 2008
Westley, The Westie
Date of birth: 1-15-2008

Westley was left at a vet’s office for boarding, and when the pick-up time arrive, the owner refused to retrieve him, saying he did not want Westley anymore because he was blind.  The vet waited 10 more days, and still the owner did not show, so the vet contacted Westie Rescue of Austin to take him into our program.

While at the vet’s office, Westley did receive a full panel of vaccines, including rabies, and he was neutered.  A grade 3 heart murmur was detected, so when we picked him up we were advised of this added complication, besides the bad eye.

Westley had suffered a serious eye injury to his left eye sometime ago when he was a wee pup.  Our eye specialist examined him and said prior “flap” surgery had been done, but it had not been successful, and Westley had no vision at all in that eye.  But his other eye was perfect and he had full vision with it.  The specialist said the best option was to remove the damaged eye, as glaucoma was developing due to increased ocular pressure and pain was occurring.

We also consulted with a doggie cardiologist, the one who monitored our two previous open-heart patients, and she could not detect the heart murmur, even with a sonogram.  She did say that sometimes the onslaught of the vaccines can induce a transitory murmur and that must have been what happened in Westley’s case. 

Westley had his eye removed and the socket stitched closed on Wed. 12/10/08.  He gets the stitches out on 12/19/08 and should be fine after that, with no residual problems.  Since coming back to his foster home after the surgery, you would never know he had anything wrong with him.  He is an active 1 yr. old westie, into everything, and loving life in general. 

Westley should be very adoptable, once his hair grows back to cover the closed eye.  We are very grateful that WestieMed agreed to help with the costs of surgery. Westley now has a chance for a long and healthy life ahead of him.  Thank you, WestieMed. 

Following are two pictures of Westley after his eye surgery.  He does look a bit lopsided, but once his hair grows back, we will send more pictures and an update.
December 2008
Henry came to us with an infected and broken front leg, which needed to be amputated.  He underwent the surgery and recovered very fast. He was already used to hopping around on 3 legs instead of four, so with the limb removed he was able to balance himself much better, and he thrived.  He made friends with everyone who met him and was a normal happy little guy.  He got adopted by a wonderful young lady who loves him dearly.  She sent the picture while they were vacationing in Minnesota in the winter.  It was Henry's first time to see snow, and he had a ball frisking about in it.
July 2009
Riley was discarded by his breeder because he could not produce champion pups, so he came into our rescue program from another rescuer.  He has a delightful personality and loves everyone, and was chosen by his new family as soon as they set eyes on him.  He is now in a loving home, enjoying being the apple of their eyes, and blossoming into the affectionate westie he was always meant to be.
August 2009
Annie was born in April 2003 in a breeding facility.  (also called a puppy mill)  She went on to live in a cage and make babies until May 2009 when she came to Austin Westie Rescue.  When Annie went to her forever home, she could not walk on grass, eat or drink out of a bowl.  She was scared of everything and would not walk on a leash.   Nine months later, Annie is thriving.  She has a Westie brother and a Cairn, puppy mill sister.  They all get along well.  Although she is still afraid of many things on her walks, she is eager to go and walks well on the leash.  Annie is a typical puppy mill survivor.  She is the reason these people need to be put out of business. 
This was Annie before her grooming
Kirby came to us a gray filthy little wild Bichon/Poodle mix about 8 months old. We also discovered that  he was deaf.  We knew that this guy was going to take some extra TLC to get him to the point where he could be adopted.  In his foster home he was groomed and taught just some basic sign language. On our Petfinder site,  Kirby was so very handsome that he caught the eye of a wonderful woman up near Sherman TX. When she responded to his profile, she said two things caught her eye, he was handsome and he was deaf. You see, she has a deaf Lab and teaches at the deaf school!! Kirby has now passed obedience, Canine Good Citizenship, 2 tricks classes and is now a certified therapy dog.  We are so proud of him.  He started out a real mess and is now a prince.
March 2009